11th UK Taiko Festival

11th UK Taiko Festival, 2015. At the Exeter Northcott and the Exeter Phoenix.

11th UK

Friday 3rd July, Evening: A Feast of Taiko

Various Groups

Saturday 4th July, Matinee: Taiko Beats

various groups

Saturday 4th July, Afternoon: Film, “Angry Drummers”

Professor Yoshitaka Terada…

Saturday 4th July, Evening: IKARI TAIKO

From Osaka…

Sunday 5th July, Lunchtime: Sunday Beats

Featuring: various groups and artists

Saturday and Sunday Workshops:


Highlights from 9th UK Taiko Festival

A quick tour of A Feast of Taiko, Taiko Beats, Sunday Beats, and the Saturday night performance by Ikari Taiko from Osaka – more correctly called Kizuna in this case, as the performers were drawn from six different groups in the city, all working “together”.


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