2nd UK Taiko Festival

2nd UK Taiko Festival – 2006

2nd UK

“I am delighted to offer my support to the 2nd U.K. Taiko Festival. I am particularly excited about it because of the strong focus on youth taiko this year.” Evelyn Glennie.

Friday 7th July

Exeter Quay: Kagemusha Taiko – part of Exeter Summer Festival

Saturday 8th July

Northcott Theatre – National Youth Taiko Concert 1 (Matinee), featuring:
Black Dragon Drums, Kagemusha Junior Taiko, Maidenhead Taiko, QEC Crediton, Sakura Taiko, Tanoshii Taiko, Umi No Taiko.
National Youth Taiko Concert 2 (Evening), featuring: Kagemusha Junior Taiko, Kakushigei Taiko, Kaseki Taiko, Psycho Taiko, Taiko Warriors,Taikomotion, Taikotherapy, Woodroffe Taiko
SATURDAY DAYTIME: Guildhall Shopping Centre: Taiko performances and “have-a-go” workshops

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