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Kagemusha Taiko Group

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Kagemusha Taiko Group

Kagemusha Taiko, as a performing group, has toured in the UK, Europe and Japan, as well as giving performances at both the North American Taiko Conference and the World Taiko Gathering in Los Angeles.  In 2004, the group had the honour of performing joint concerts in the UK with Grand Master Daihachi Oguchi and Osuwa Daiko, and also collaborated with Hanayui, from Sado Island.  Built on an understanding of the history and traditions of taiko, Kagemusha Taiko is dedicated to helping a new, European, style take root and develop.


40-second Promotional Video

Click here to view our short promotional video of Kagemusha Taiko Group in action.
Check out our YouTube channel for videos of our performances.

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Upcoming Performances

For details of upcoming concert performances, including links to relevant theatre box offices, please click here.

Should you wish to enquire about booking Kagemusha Taiko for a performance please email info@kagemusha.com.

For other performance possibilities, see Tano Taiko.

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