UK Taiko Festival

12th UK Taiko Festival   30th June – 2nd July 2017


A FEAST OF TAIKO – Friday 30th June, 7:30pm.

This concert features youth taiko groups from Devon, the UK and beyond, including Gyoko Youth Taiko who recently delighted a packed Royal Albert Hall in London, and this year’s headliners, The Dublin Schools Taiko Group, from Dublin, Ohio, USA. Tickets are now available online from the Exeter Northcott Theatre, or by phone direct from the theatre box office: tel 01392 726363

TAIKO BEATS – Saturday 1st July, 12 noon.

10 different European taiko groups each play for no more than 10 minutes, making for a varied, action-packed and inspirational taiko show. To book tickets online for this show, please click here to go to the Exeter Northcott website, or phone the the theatre box office: 01392 726363

PULSE & ROLL – Saturday 1st July, 7:45pm.

For this special concert, Kagemusha Taiko are joined from Japan by former Kodo member, Shogo Yoshii,and from the USA by one of the world’s leading taiko performers, Shoji Kameda. The show will also include a special performance of Brother Drum. Tickets are already selling fast, so don’t delay and book online now.



Workshops for the 12th UK Taiko Festival are now available to book here



Please note you are responsible for booking your own accommodation for the 12th UK Taiko Festival. There are various rooms available on the Univeristy campus, Event Exeter, or you can check out the official visitor website for Exeter, for options.


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