Pipe Drums

Kagemusha Taiko Practice Drums

Kagemusha Taiko Practice Drums (also known as “pipe drums”) are the result of more than 14 years of continuous development, working in partnership with schools, to provide taiko drums that are lightweight and robust – drums that also sound good and are affordable.


Pipe Drum and free softwood stand: £195
Case: £75
Bachi: £15
OPTIONAL: hardwood stand, stained black, in place of the softwood stand – Pipe Drum and Hardwood Stand: £210 See notes on drum stands, below…

Delivery: Within the UK, a single drum costs £20 to deliver via ParcelForce. A set of 10 drums will cost £150. For delivery outside the UK, please email drums@kagemusha.com for a quote.

Drums are usually built to order and we aim to deliver within one month of receipt of a valid purchase order – often sooner.


In 2004, Kagemusha Taiko began working on a problem facing schools and others – how to get affordable taiko drums for people to play. Within a year, we have developed a basic solution: pipe drums with tarpaulin skins did the trick. They were affordable, lightweight but incredibly robust, and they sounded pretty good too. In fact, they worked so well that many people used them for performance as well as practice – and still do. We have sold over 1,000 of these pipe drums across the UK, and also to Germany, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and USA.

We have made refinements to them over the years, with the result that our 2019 versions are the best-ever.

The drums stand approx 60cms tall, with a playing surface of approx 50cms in diameter.

“Devon Music Service now owns 6 sets of Kagemusha Taiko Practice Drums, which are in near-constant use. We’ve found them to be one of our most popular instrument sets for schools. The soft cases make them easy to transport and the drums themselves have so far proven indestructible!”


Notes on Stands:

From December 2019, we are able to supply hardwood drum stands. They are available at a small upgrade cost to a basic “drum + stand” purchase, or they can be bought separately at £40 GBP each. Made of hardwood, they are stained black, and coated with varnish, as shown in the photos to the left.


What do Kagemusha Taiko Practice Drums Sound Like?

This video shows Jonathan Kirby playing some “dongo drills” with members of Kagemusha Junior Taiko.
Of course, the sound depends on the quality of the original recording and the quality of the speakers you are listening through, but the video nonetheless gives a good idea of the sound.


2013-03-20 11.36.47
School Workshop (4)
Devon Mix Workshop 2014 Web

School Workshop (1) web

Kaiser Drum


For those who want the increased tonal range offered by drums made with wood and skin, Kagemusha Taiko also offer the complete range of drums brought to Europe by KAISER DRUMS.



Okedo-daiko-taiko drum