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Shime Daiko, with its clear penetrating sound is regarded as the drum which sets the beat in a Taiko ensemble.

The KAISER SHIME-DAIKO is made of one solid piece of Ash wood with visible grain and red/brown stained finish. As for the drumheads cow hide is used. We offer two kinds of Shime Daiko-drums: Rope Shime with traditional japanese rope tensioning and Bolt Shime.  Bolt screws provide easier and faster tightening of the drumheads and allow exact tuning.

Bolt Shime


Dimensions: Head – 37cm. Height – 21cm







Rope Shime

Dimensions: Head – 37cm. Height – 21cm







Shime Daiko Stands

**New for January 2019**

Flat Shime Stand





Sit Down StandShime-taiko-with-metalstand






Standing Stand