The Way of the Drum

The Way of the Drum – Taiko without Borders

Taiko drumming is rapidly gaining in popularity around the world.

An exciting, exhilarating style of ensemble drumming created in Japan in the 1950s, taiko gathered momentum in subsequent decades in Japan and then in North America, and more recently in Europe, Australia and South America.

This book traces the development of one of the first groups in the UK, and the work done by that group to build nationwide engagement with taiko on the basis of its social and educational benefits as well as artistic expression and simple enjoyment. It also tracks the broader development of taiko in the UK and Europe through a focus on events such as the UK Taiko Festival and the European Taiko Conference.

In this ground-breaking account, Jonathan Kirby explores important questions about how we adopt and adapt art-forms from other cultures and remain authentic and honest. He shares lessons learned and expertise acquired over 20 years as a taiko professional in the UK, and sets out a bold and compelling vision for taiko in future – taiko without borders.

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“What is taiko? Taiko is a vehicle for teaching everything that is important in life.”