Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

Learning Stepping Stones

This video was recorded by Oliver Kirby in order for youth groups taking part in 7th UK Taiko Festival, 2005 to learn the main melody from Stepping Stones. They would then be able to play in the finale of the National Youth Taiko Concert, as shown in the next video.

Stepping Stones Finale: 7th UK Taiko Festival

In 2011, the National Youth Taiko Concert (in later years called “A Feast of Taiko”), finished with a finale performance of Stepping Stones, featuring members of Kagemusha Junior Taiko, Tanoshii Taiko, Oku Nojo Daiko, Ma Daiko, Sakura Taiko, Kagemusha Junior Taiko Beginners, and the Taiko Rangers.

Stepping Stones with Brass

In November 2010, Kagemusha Junior Taiko in the Music for Youth Schools Proms in London’s Royal Albert Hall. They played two pieces, the second of which was an arrangement of taiko and brass, based on Stepping Stones.

Stepping Stones at the Barnfield Theatre, February 2011