Taiko Fundamentals – 3

Taiko Fundamentals

3. Taiko Motifs

The short training videos on this page provide guidance for teaching some simple taiko motifs. These can form the basis for pieces that could be performed by your group. They should be regarded as building-blocks rather than finished products.

These videos are intended primarily for school teachers in the UK, but may be suitable for other audiences. They are supported by a book which can be purchased from Kagemusha Taiko. With the book comes the password that you will need to access the videos.

Please be aware that the videos can be expanded to full-screen size. All are suitable for classroom use.

14. Taiko Motif: Big Beats and Circle

(5 mins)
Don’t rush to the endgame. Practise each step on the way in order to build new taiko skills.

15. Taiko Motif: Shouts, Kas and 3 Big Beats

(7.5 mins)

This motif sits most comfortably on top of the Dongo base rhythm.


16. Taiko Motif: Matsuri

(7 mins)
Matsuri is a motif that is very recognisable as a Japanese festival rhythm. This particular variation was taught by Grand Master Seiichi Tanaka of San Francisco Taiko Dojo.

17. Taiko Motif: Two to a Drum

(2 mins)

Imagine a conversation between two people sharing a single drum…


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