Taiko Fundamentals – 4

Taiko Fundamentals

4. Extras

The short training videos on this page provide some extras.

These videos are intended primarily for school teachers in the UK, but may be suitable for other audiences. They are supported by a book which can be purchased from Kagemusha Taiko. With the book comes the password that you will need to access the videos.

Please be aware that the videos can be expanded to full-screen size. All are suitable for classroom use.

18. Extras: Movement behind the Drum

(3 mins)

Including some movement in your taiko pieces helps make it a feast for the eyes as well as a joy for the ears.
Taiko is “drum theatre”, not just musical performance.

19. Extras: I Play, You Play

(2 mins)

It’s amazing what people can play if they have to make an immediate response.

20. Extras: Experimental Sounds

(3 mins)

Four of the very many different sounds you can make with a drum, in addition to the basic Don, Ka, and click of the sticks.

21. Extras: Two to a Drum – My Drum!

(2 mins)

Two people can battle over one drum, thirty people could battle over fifteen, or any number in between!

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