Taiko Performance

concerts, theatre shows, festivals, special events

Tano Taiko perform across the south-west of the UK. For more details, please follow this link.
Kagemusha Taiko perform at special events in the UK and overseas.


Tano Taiko

Tano Taiko is our community-based adult group. Tano Taiko perform at events across Devon, in south-west England, and sometimes beyond.
This video shows the first part of their performance of “Sanmukara” at a festival in Dorset, August 2021. Follow this link to find out more about Tano Taiko and Taiko South West.


Kagemusha Taiko

Kagemusha Taiko is the company’s performing group that has been led for over 20 years by artistic director, Jonathan Kirby. The group is seen here in their “Pulse & Roll” show at the Exeter Northcott.
For examples of other performances by Kagemusha Taiko, please follow this link.