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All our performances have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus crisis. Until we are able to play in public again, the best way to enjoy Kagemusha Taiko performances is by watching our videos. You can find them here.

In concert halls from Los Angeles to Tokyo, in fields from Angera in Italy to Devon in South-West England, and in corporate events from Kuwait to Monte Carlo, Kagemusha Taiko groups have entertained audiences of all sorts.

Kagemusha Taiko Group
Kagemusha Taiko Group
Kagemusha Taiko Group
Kagemusha Taiko Group
Kagemusha Taiko Group

Pulse and Roll

We have always taken the view that taiko is ultimately about performance. It’s at the heart of what we do. There are huge benefits to be found in the process of learning, and these are of real importance too. But one of the great joys of taiko is being able to share what you do with other people – whether you are in a primary school group playing a beginners’ taiko piece to others in your school, or a professional group performing in a theatre or concert hall to hundreds or even thousands of people at a time. Consult our calendar for details of upcoming performances.


Kagemusha Taiko Group

This video clip shows the final part of a composition by Jonathan Kirby called “Legacy”, performed by Kagemusha Taiko Group at the Exeter Northcott Theatre in July 2017.


can be found here.

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Tano Taiko

Tano Taiko is our community-based adult group. Tano Taiko perform at events across Devon, in south-west England, and sometimes beyond.
This video shows the first part of their performance of “Song With A Heart Of Its Own” as part of the “Taiko Beats” concert at the 12th UK Taiko Festival, July 2017.

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Web 2014 Tano Taiko Newton Abbot

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Kagemusha Junior Taiko

At the O2 Indigo, in London, in the Grand Final of “The Next Brit Thing”, Kagemusha Junior Taiko perform their own composition, “Tai Ya Sa!”, introduced by a short sequence from “Stepping Stones”, by Oliver Kirby. The “Next Brit Thing” was a national competition launched by the combined forces of the music industry and the British government. There were more than 2,500 entries from across the country, but following regional heats and online voting, Kagemusha Junior Taiko found themselves among the 13 finalists who would perform for a panel of celebrity judges at the O2 Indigo in London.

More videos

can be found here.

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Kagemusha Taiko Group

Kagemusha Taiko heart

The UK Taiko Festival

is produced by Kagemusha Taiko, under the artistic direction of Jonathan Kirby, in order to provide performance opportunities for UK and other groups, and to showcase performance excellence through professional artists and groups from all over the world. Click here to find out more.

Kagemusha Taiko heart
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