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Kagemusha Taiko Workshop
Kagemusha Taiko Workshop
Taiko Teacher Training
Taiko Teacher Training
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Due to the Coronavirus situation, we have had to make temporary changes to the way we run all of our classes at the Taiko Centre in order to provide a COVID-secure environment in which everyone is safe.


The bottom line is that we can accommodate a maximum of 10 participants per session and all our ‘Drop-Ins’ on Mondays (and other classes) must be booked in advance. To find out more, or to make a booking, please email info@kagemusha.com



Taiko is great to watch, but it’s even more fun to play. Through our extensive programme of taiko classes, we aim to make the experience of taiko drumming accessible to as many people as possible, and enjoyable for all. Whether you live near or far, we have a taiko class for you.

Taiko Centre address – The Taiko Centre, 9 Seale Hayne, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 6NQ.

Regular Classes at the Taiko Centre



Saturday – A Taste of Taiko


On a Saturday morning, every other month, we run a 2-hour workshop for adults (age 16+) who are new to taiko. It’s suitable for complete beginners, and also for those with some experience. Content varies, but we always start with fundamentals. The aim is simply to introduce you to playing taiko in a group. It’s intended to be fun! People often take several of these workshops over the course of a year. Cost is £15.50 per person when paid in advance. Advance booking is essential. To find out more please email info@kagemusha.com.



Monday Morning Drop-In – please email info@kagemusha.com for more information.





Monday Evening Drop-In – please email info@kagemusha.com for more information.






Thursday Adult Recreational Course


This is a rolling programme of courses for people who have played taiko for a year or more and want to progress their level of playing. Participants will normally have taken at least one of two Taste of Taiko workshops and consulted with us about the suitability of this course for them. Places must be booked in advance, info@kagemusha.com.

Private Workshops


At the Taiko Centre

We welcome private groups to the Taiko Centre. Some groups visit regularly, such as once a month, others make bookings on a one-off basis. The booking fee is calculated on the basis of £10 per person per hour, with a minimum of 10 people. You can bring a smaller group than that, but the minimum fee of £100 per hour will still apply. We don’t advise groups smaller than 8, and would counsel against groups larger than 20 people.

We welcome enquiries by email, info@kagemusha.com, or by phone: 01626 325832


At Your Location

Kagemusha Taiko are also available to bring a vanload of drums to your location for a private taiko workshop. We have delivered workshops like this for a wide range of people in a variety of different situations.

If you are hosting us, we will need to check the suitability of your proposed venue. We will also advise very strongly that alcohol and taiko do not mix! Given the loading and unloading of drums and travel costs, we do not have a fixed total price for this option. Please contact us to discuss options.


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Power You Can Trust

Corporate Workshops

Jonathan Kirby, the artistic director and the company’s lead teacher, had a 10-year management career with Hewlett Packard before setting up Kagemusha Taiko. Working in USA and UK, Jonathan managed globally-distributed teams and multi-million dollar budgets for divisions of Hewlett Packard that were realigned and reorganised regularly in response to rapidly evolving market situations. When it comes to offering taiko programmes for business organisations, Jonathan’s experience and expertise gives Kagemusha Taiko a strong USP.

A taiko workshop “for fun”, can be a brilliant thing for a business team of 10-20 people to do. It can also work for larger teams subdivided into groups of that size. We normally handle sessions like this as private workshops. When managers at all levels and members of a board of directors are dealing with difficult change management issues, integrating taiko as part of an offsite / awayday programme can be hugely beneficial. There is no “one size fits all” solution here, so it’s necessary to consult with Jonathan directly on this. He welcomes approaches from HR departments and management consultants as well as personal calls from business leaders.

While every situation is different and needs to be treated differently, there are some common themes. When it comes to taiko workshops, the major benefit is one of transformation. People will do something that will surprise them, changing the way they feel about their own potential, the potential of their colleagues, and the potential of the team. The training will be utterly memorable, and the experience of it will be thoroughly absorbed. If there were a single “mantra” for the training programme, it could be written as follows:

If ordinary people believe in themselves, trust each other, and go for something wholeheartedly with genuine commitment and effort, they can achieve extraordinary results that will surprise and delight themselves and others.

To enquire about engaging Kagemusha Taiko to be part of an offsite programme like this, which the we can also host at Hannahs at Seale Hayne if required, please contact, Jonathan Kirby personally.

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