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4th European Taiko Conference

About the logo…

The original ETC logo was designed by Guy Cracknell – the lettering and the text showing where and when the Conference would take place. For 4th European Taiko Conference, the design has been developed by Yanis Paikos. Yanis explains:

“At the closing session of ETC3, Silke Hanzen shared her idea that all delegates are like ‘fireflies’ flying away from the conference and spreading its light. This beautiful metaphor inspired the design for the ETC4 logo as it was received with enthusiasm by the other delegates, and it also reflects one of the core principles of the conference – the sharing of ideas and experiences. The idea is represented by showing a taiko drum, where the skin is the conference hub and the tacks are the delegates-fireflies flying away, all over Europe and beyond, sharing the light.”

The logo appears on the t-shirts for 4th European Taiko Conference. To see what they look like, please visit the t-shirt page.

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