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This new “GÔ 強 Katsugi Daiko” (Ø34cm/h:44cm) is a small drum that packs a big punch! Played slung over your shoulder with a strap, it is a kind of Katsugi-Okedo but the GÔ Katsugi Taiko sounds different, is smaller and lighter, weighing in at just 3.5 kilos, enabling great freedom of movement and fast playing.

The body is made of solid hornbeam wood, with strong cotton rope tensioning the cowhide skins to achieve a bright, powerful sound similar to that of a shime-daiko.

Dimensions: Head – 34cm. Height – 44cm









The KAISER OKEDO / KATSUGI DAIKO consists of glued staves made of Tung wood and is very lightweight. It is mostly played while suspended from the neck and shoulder with a belt, making it possible to drum it on both sides. Suitable. The drumheads consist of cowhide and are tensioned with lilac coloured or white cotton thread. The surface of the Okedo has a high-gloss black or red varnish making it look very classy. All Okedo-Daikos are supplied untensioned.

The lined, comfortable nylon shoulder strap for the OKEDO DAIKO is adjustable to any desired length. Both ends are equipped with cords to attach the strap to the Okedo. Worn over the shoulder, the strap facilitates the traditional two-sided drumming of the Okedo Daiko.

Black Okedo

Dimensions: Head – 45cm. Height – 52cm
Dimensions: Head – 54cm. Height – 53cm






Red Okedo

Okedo-daiko-taiko drum
Dimensions: Head – 45cm. Height – 52cm.







Okedo Odaiko

okedodaikodrumPrice: Please email for quote info@kagemusha.com
Dimensions: Head – 110cm. Height – 84cm.






Okedo Taiko Straps and Stands


Sholder-Strap Okedo-Daiko








Drum Size: 45cm
Drum Size: 54cm





Large Upstand

Drum Size: 110cm