Miyamoto Merchandise


Miyamoto / kaDON are based in Tokyo and Los Angeles. They have sent over various bachi and pairs of chappa for us to sell on their behalf at special rates.

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Should you have any questions or wish to buy any items on this page please email lucy@taikosouthwest.org.uk.

Prices include VAT but not postage.

NAGADO BACHI – Choose between oak and maple

Nagado bachi – oak

Good for providing a more powerful strike. Extremely strong and long-lasting. 42cm x 24mm.



Nagado bachi – maple

Introducing Maple Chudaiko Bachi laser engraved with the original kaDON logo. Lighter and not as hard as the standard Kashi bachi, but gives good striking force. 42cm x 24mm.



SHIME BACHI Choose between hardwood (tapered) and softwood (tapered or straight)

Shime bachi – maple

Tapered multi-use bachi engraved with the kaDON logo in copper. (40cm / 19mm / 22.5mm).


Kashi/Oak Tapered Bachi

These shime bachi (39cm/18-24mm)are ideal for powerful playing as well as being long-lasting.

Price: £ 25

Shime bachi – magnolia (tapered)

Tapered multi-use bachi great for use with Katsugi Okedo or taiko set. Gold Miyamoto engraving. 41cm/20mm/24mm.



Shime bachi – magnolia (non-tapered)

Multi-use bachi great for use with Katsugi Okedo or taiko. Gold Miyamoto engraving. 40cm / 19.5mm.



Odaiko Bachi – magnolia

For use in Miyake/Yokouchi-style playing or for Odaiko.  49.5cm x 35.5mm.


Odaiko bachi – cypress

Odaiko bachi – lighter weight. The Hinoki material is light and gentle, and is said to be the best material for taiko.

45cm – £38.00/ 48cm – £43.00


Yatai Bachi

Bachi shaped for Yatai style. Made from light cypress, yet powerful in the strike due to their distinctive proportions. 41cm x 23mm.



Yatai Shime Bachi

For use in Chichibu Yatai Bayashi style shime daiko. 41cm, tapered 23mm / 28mm.




Hand cymbals made from brass.




Japanese flute. Maumiya Utabue – Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten Original Brand. Tuned to Western scale.

#7 – £135.00

#8 – £135.00


Rippei “Tamaki” Eco-Friendly Shinobue #8
(Western scaled – Key: C)

Renowned fue maker Rippei’s brand new innovation “Tamaki” is made from bamboo scrap and glass fiber. Eco-friendly, climate-friendly and affordable, “Tamaki” is the perfect fue for beginners!

£ 50



Air-fit tabi (black). Air cushion insole. 7 hooks. Please email lucy@taikosouthwest.org.uk for sizes available and prices.


Bachi Bags

Various bachi bags are available from £23, please email lucy@taikosouthwest.org.uk for more details.