A Good Death

Dignity, Love, Legacy.

A Good Death – CD mini-album, also available as download

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This audio CD features three compositions by Jonathan Kirby,
recorded in the studio by Kagemusha Taiko:

1.Dignity.  2.Love.  3.Legacy.

These pieces are a response to a radio interview. A doctor used the term “a good death” and was asked to explain what was necessary for death to be good. She replied with these three words.

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A Good Death is released in partnership with Hospiscare, is a UK-registered charity servicing Exeter, Mid and East Devon. Hospiscare value dying as an important part of living, and believe that every day matters to people approaching the end of their lives. The charity provides care for over 700 patients and their families every year, and to do this has to raise over £5 million annually. £1 from the sale of each CD will be donated to Hospiscare. In itself, this will make only a tiny financial contribution, but through this partnership we hope to raise awareness and encourage more conversation about the finite nature of our lives. In Hospiscare shops from 21st April 2017.

A Good Death will be performed as part of our upcoming shows in 2017, at which the CD will be available for purchase.
For a limited time only, the CD A Good Death is available direct from Kagemusha Taiko. Click the “Buy Now” button on the left of this page to buy a CD for £5, including postage – within the UK only.

A Good Death
A Good Death
A Good Death
A Good Death
A Good Death

A Good Death CD