11th UK Taiko Festival

11th UK Taiko Festival, 2015. At the Exeter Northcott and the Exeter Phoenix.

11th UK

Friday 3rd July, Evening: A Feast of Taiko

Various Groups

Saturday 4th July, Matinee: Taiko Beats

various groups

Saturday 4th July, Afternoon: Film, “Angry Drummers”

Professor Yoshitaka Terada…

Saturday 4th July, Evening: IKARI TAIKO

From Osaka…

Sunday 5th July, Lunchtime: Sunday Beats

Featuring: various groups and artists

Saturday and Sunday Workshops:


Highlights from 11th UK Taiko Festival

A quick tour of A Feast of Taiko, Taiko Beats, Sunday Beats, and the Saturday night performance by Ikari Taiko from Osaka – more correctly called Kizuna in this case, as the performers were drawn from six different groups in the city, all working “together”.


Special Mention from 11th UK Taiko Festival

In UK terms, this was a groundbreaking performance by Coritani, with “I am of the Sky” featuring song as well as beautiful choreography – and ma – “space and time with tension.”


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