T-Shirts and Kagemusha Taiko Music

taiko without borders – CD album, available on Bandcamp

Now available on Bandcamp for download, streaming, or as a physical CD. You can preview the music free of charge. Why wait?!
Track List:

  1. Viam Tympani
  2. Beowulf
  3. Brother Drum
  4. A Good Death, Part 1: Dignity
  5. A Good Death, Part 2: Love
  6. A Good Death, Part 3: Legacy
  7. Quo Nunc?



Spirit of the Drum – selected tracks available on Bandcamp

Also on Bandcamp, available for download or streaming, with preview free of charge.
Track List:

  1. Frantic
  2. SlipJig
  3. Tearaway
  4. Kindred Spirit
  5. Stepping Stones




Cogito Ergo Drum

Surely this is a must-have for any and every thinking drummer? Especially taiko drummers!

The design is printed on a black Stanley/Stella Organic Unisex Creator Iconic Vegan t-shirt, and is available in adult size Small / Medium / Large / X-Large.

While stocks last, the price is £25, which includes shipping within UK and Europe. For delivery to an address outside Europe, the price is £30. Take care to select your correct option on the drop-down menu. And thanks for appreciating the joke!

Click here for more information about the Cogito Ergo Drum project.

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