7th UK Taiko Festival

7th UK Taiko Festival – 2011

7th UK

Friday 8th July, Exeter Northcott:

National Youth Taiko Concert, featuring: Kagemusha Junior Taiko (3 groups), Madaiko, Oku Nojo Daiko, Sakura Taiko, Taiko Rangers, Tanoshii Taiko

Saturday 17th July, Exeter Northcott:

TAIKOPROJECT, with opening ceremony by Joji Hirota
Daytime, Northernhay Gardens: Taiko in the Park, featuring: Huish Taiko, Kaikyo, Kagemusha Taiko Group, Kaminari Taiko (UK), Oku Nojo Daiko, Taiko Evolution, Tamashii School of Taiko, Tano Taiko, Wirral Traiko Dragon Drummers.

Sunday 18th July, Exeter Quay:

Taiko on the Quay, featuring: Kaikyo, Kaminari Taiko, Taiko Rangers, Tano Taiko and others
Daytime, Exeter Phoenix: Workshops: 4 x 2 hour workshops with TAIKOPROJECT


Taiko in the Park

 A 6-minute highlights video from the daytime performances in Northernhay Gardens, in the centre of Exeter.


Finale of Youth Taiko Concert

Stepping Stones by Oliver Kirby formed the basis of the finale of the Youth Taiko Concert this year.


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