9th UK Taiko Festival

9th UK Taiko Festival – 2013

9th UK

Friday 5th July, Exeter Northcott:

A Feast of Taiko, featuring: Kagemusha Junior Taiko, Hemyock Primary School Taiko, Gyoko Taiko, Taiko Centre East, Oku Nojo Daiko, One Thousand Cranes Taiko, Konjaku Taiko, Niji Taiko

Saturday 6th July, Exeter Phoenix

Taiko Beats, featuring: Tano Taiko, Hanabi Daiko (Germany), Kamo Tsunamura Daiko (Japan), Thunderdrummers Cumbria, Taiko Evolution, Kaikyo Taiko, Taiko Meantime, Taiko Mynydd Du, Taiko Centre East, Kaminari Taiko

Guildhall Shopping Centre:

Free performances and workshops, with: Thunderdrummers Cumbria, Hanabi Daiko, Bidwell Brook Special School, Oku Nojo Daiko, Gyoko Taiko, Ikazuchi Taiko (Falmouth), Sun Lotus Taiko, Taiko Mynydd Du.

Exeter Phoenix:

Workshops, with: Mark Alcock; Oliver Kirby; Hannah-Jasmine Brunskill; University of Exeter Japanese Society; James Barrow; Mark Alcock; Pete Goodman; Tano Taiko.

Exeter Northcott:

Amanojaku, with Kamo Tsunamura Taiko, and Hibiki Ichikawa

Sunday 7th July, Exeter Phoenix:

Workshops with: Kaminari Taiko;Oliver Kirby & Guy Shread; Alice Kemp-Welch; James Barrow; Hibiki Ichikawa; Tano Taiko; Adrian Freedman; Amanojaku; John Bolwell.
Lunchtime: Concert performance by Kagemusha Junior Taiko

Guildhall Shopping Centre:

– Free performances and workshops with Hanabi Daiko, Taiko Evolution, Sakai Taiko, Kayobi Taiko, Tanoshii Taiko, Tano Taiko, Taiko Mynydd Du, Kaminari Taiko.

Exeter Northcott:

Amanojaku, with Kagemusha Taiko

Taiko Beats – Extracts

This video is courtesy of Dave Rodwell. It features short extracts from performances by all the groups who performed in Taiko Beats – the Saturday lunchtime concert given by adult community groups from the UK and, in this case, also from Germany.


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