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European Taiko Conference
European Taiko Conference


1st European Taiko Conference

18-21st February 2016

Organised and hosted by Kagemusha Taiko

Sponsored by kaDON / Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten

90 taiko players from 41 taiko groups and organisations were represented at ETC1 and participants came from 15 countries, including the USA and Japan.

Principal workshop leaders were:

  • Shoji Kameda
  • Karen Young
  • Franco Imperial
  • Shogo Yoshii

Workshops were also taught by:

  • Frank Dubberke
  • Oliver Kirby
  • Heather Murray (yoga)

Moderated Discussion Sessions included:

  • Taiko for All
  • Taiko Training Outside Europe
  • Organising Taiko Events – What Works?
  • Managing a Taiko Group


On behalf of TaikoSource. Ben Pachter made a video and photographic documentary of the 1st European Taiko Conference.
The story is told in a slideshow video that can be seen on YouTube. Click here to see it.
The final morning of the 1st European Taiko Conference was the occasion for a series of short performances which all Conference participants were able to take part in. Again, courtesy of Ben Pachter, a video of that can be found here.
TaikoSource provides further information about the European Taiko Conference, as well as being a wonderful online resource for most thing taiko.

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European Taiko Conference
European Taiko Conference


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