2nd UK Taiko Festival

2nd UK Taiko Festival – 2006

2nd UK

“I am delighted to offer my support to the 2nd U.K. Taiko Festival. I am particularly excited about it because of the strong focus on youth taiko this year.” Evelyn Glennie.

Friday 7th July

Exeter Quay: Kagemusha Taiko – part of Exeter Summer Festival

Saturday 8th July

Northcott Theatre – National Youth Taiko Concert 1 (Matinee), featuring:
Black Dragon Drums, Kagemusha Junior Taiko, Maidenhead Taiko, QEC Crediton, Sakura Taiko, Tanoshii Taiko, Umi No Taiko.
National Youth Taiko Concert 2 (Evening), featuring: Kagemusha Junior Taiko, Kakushigei Taiko, Kaseki Taiko, Psycho Taiko, Taiko Warriors,Taikomotion, Taikotherapy, Woodroffe Taiko
SATURDAY DAYTIME: Guildhall Shopping Centre: Taiko performances and “have-a-go” workshops


Shimabayashi (2006)

2nd UK Taiko Festival took place in Exeter in July 2006. The Festival included two National Youth Taiko Concerts, featuring groups from all over England – and Scotland. The finale of both the matinee and evening concerts was an arrangement of Shimabayashi, with a base provided by Kagemusha Junior Taiko and representatives from all the other groups involved joining in. By the end of the evening concert, the finale of which is presented here, the whole audience was joining in with the song as well. Taiko is great to play, and it’s even better to play together.

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