Cogito Ergo Drum

Cogito Ergo Drum


René Descartes (1596-1660)

René Descartes is an important figure in the emergence of modern science and philosophy. Analytic (or “Cartesian”) geometry may not exactly count as mainstream, but many people know Descartes’ philosophical dictum, written in Latin: Cogito Ergo Sum – “I think, therefore I am.”
But let’s not get too philosophical here. The point is that Cogito Ergo Drum is clearly just a bit of fun.

Happily, it turns out that there are more than 100 taiko players, coming from 17 different groups, spread across 8 European countries, speaking 8 different languages, who were all keen to have some fun with Cogito Ergo Drum. The result is a taiko video like no other.
It might be said that a lot of work went into this video, but it would be more accurate to say that a lot of FUN was had making it.
We hope you will enjoy watching it! The video will launch via a YouTube Premiere on Sunday 7th May 2023, at 8:00pm European time. Click on the image to see the video.


T-Shirt Now Available

Surely this is a “must-have” for every thinking taiko player?!
In advance of the launch of the video, and while initial stocks last, this t-shirt is now available at just £25 including postage within UK and Europe only, £30 for delivery to an address outside Europe.


If it doesn’t make you laugh, at least let it make you smile!