1st UK Taiko Festival

1st UK Taiko Festival – 2005

1st UK

Friday 8th July

Exeter Northcott – National Youth Taiko Concert, featuring: Budehaven College, Charmouth Primary School, Exmouth Community College, Huish Episcopi Taiko, Kagemusha Junior Taiko, Mounts Bay Taiko, Oku Nojo Daiko

Saturday 9th July

Exeter Northcott – Taiko Meantime (matinee); Kagemusha Taiko & Taiko Meantime (evening)

Sunday 10th July

Exeter Northcott – Tamashii School of Taiko (matinee); Kagemusha Taiko & Joji Hirota and the Taiko Drummers (evening)

Daytime, Saturday & Sunday

Guildhall Shopping Centre – Free Taiko performances and “have-a-go” workshops

featuring Tano Taiko, Callington Taiko, Q.E. Crediton Taiko, Woodroffe School Taiko, the Taiko Rangers and Oliver & Katja from Yo Bachi Daiko, Hamburg.


Youth Taiko Concert

The first concert at the first UK Taiko Festival was given by a range of youth taiko groups from the south-west of England, and featuring Kagemusha Junior Taiko Group. Watch this highlights reel from the concert to get a sense of what it was like.


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