13th UK Taiko Festival


UK Taiko Festival 2019

Leicester, Friday 5th – Sunday 7th July 2019


See below for details of concerts, workshops and more…

Taiko Without Borders

Sue Townsend Theatre, Saturday 6th July, 7:30pm
Kaoly Asano (Japan) with Kion Dojo (Germany), plus Tsuchigumo Daiko (Scotland) and Tano Taiko (England).
Tickets: £20.00 per person (no discounts)


Workshops for Taiko Players

Sorry, but all workshops are now sold out. To go on a workshop waiting list please email info@taikofestival.org.uk stating the name of the workshop and who the waiting list place is for.

Saturday Morning, 9:30-11:30am:

(1) Cross-hands Technique (All levels)

Martin Doyle and Shonagh Walker from Tsuchigumo Daiko
De Montfort University/The Chapel
£20 per person (max 15 participants).
Participants will learn how to develop a smooth, relaxed flow between two drums, with emphasis on the related techniques, grips, movements and body positions used to execute this type of playing effectively. You will learn how to maximise your movement potential and relaxation to improve speed, timing, visual impact, power, accuracy, and articulation on multiple drums.

(2) ELEVEN (Intermediate)

Kaoly Asano
£20 per person (max 20 participants)
Learning taiko with Kaoly Asano is about much more than memorising a sequence of beats played with particular kata. And her composition, ELEVEN, which is part of her personal response to the tsunami disaster in Japan in 2011, is also much more than a compelling set of rhythm patterns. This is taiko with real heart. If you are looking for a taiko workshop that will give you “beats to take away”, there are many of those. This workshop has the potential to be a transformative experience for you.

Saturday Afternoon – 2:15-4:15pm:

(3) Polyrhythms and World Grooves for Taiko (Intermediate-Advanced)

Martin Doyle from Tsuchigumo Daiko
£20 per person (max 15 participants)
In this fun and challenging workshop, we’ll take you through the brain-melting minefield of playing multiple rhythms and meters at the same time, and introduce you to some wicked-cool grooves from around the world. We’ll demonstrate how these can be used within the context of Taiko using multiple voices and textures to create some crazy grooves of your own. A great workshop for gaining a deeper understanding of complex, interlocking rhythms, and odd time signatures.

Sunday Morning – 9:30-11:30am

(4) ELEVEN (Intermediate)

Kaoly Asano
Sue Townsend Theatre
£20 per person (max 20 participants)
This is a second opportunity to learn taiko with Kaoly Asano. See the notes on her Saturday morning workshop for more details. Please be aware also that ELEVEN will be performed at lunchtime in the centre of Leicester, at Humberstone Gate. This performance is weather-dependent, and is scheduled to begin shortly after 12:30pm. There is the possibility that a small number of selected workshop participants might be able to join in this performance.


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