Melius Una


Melius Una – “Better Together” / “Better As One”

Commissioned by the Event Organisers and composed by Jonathan Kirby, Melius Una was be the theme song for the 2022 Euro Taiko Expo in Hamburg. It will be played as the finale of the Saturday night concert, and by taiko players from all over Europe during the Sunday Expo. It’s open to everyone.

Melius Una is Latin for “better together” or “better as one” – which speaks well to both community and drumming groups! Why Latin? Well, this is a song for the Euro Taiko Expo so it seemed appropriate to give it a name in a European language. OK, so the Romans didn’t ever conquer Germany, Denmark, Sweden or a few other European countries, but at least Latin isn’t English…

Here’s a clip from the Euro Taiko Expo, featuring members of the performing groups from the main concert:

And here’s a clip, also from the Euro Taiko Expo, of Melius Una played by as many of the Expo participants who could fit on the stage on the Sunday afternoon…



Melius Una

The composition is presented here in “pedagogic” form, designed to help taiko players learn the piece.