Melius Una

Melius Una

Euro Taiko Expo, Hamburg.

The Euro Taiko Expo will take place on Saturday 16th – Sunday 17th October 2021, in Hamburg. Follow this link to find out more about the event.

Melius Una – “Better Together” / “Better As One”

Commissioned by the Event Organisers and composed by Jonathan Kirby, Melius Una will be the theme song for the Euro Taiko Expo. It will be played as the finale of the Saturday night concert, and by taiko players from all over Europe during the Sunday Expo. It’s open to everyone!

The song can be learned via a 5-week Zoom course, taught by Jonathan, starting on Wednesday 17th March. Starting at 8pm CET (7pm UK time), each lesson will last for up to 60 minutes. Course documentation will be provided, as well as access to weekly practice videos.
Of course, you are very welcome to learn and play the song without going to Hamburg in October! It’s open to everyone, and free for anyone to play or perform with their group – but the videos are only available to people who take the Zoom class with Jonathan, and then only until Friday 23rd April. Plans for a second Zoom course are currently being made.

Course Videos on VIMEO:

Lesson 1a: First Three Themes – playalong, soundtrack with script

Lesson 1b: First Three Themes – demonstrated on kaDON Timbre-Taiko & Simmons Hexahead

Lesson 2a: Intro plus First Three Themes – soundtrack with script

Lesson 2b: Intro plus First Three Themes – soundtrack with demonstration.

Lesson 2c: Final Two Themes and Ending – soundtrack with script

Lesson 2d: Final Two Themes and Ending, demonstrated, with soundtrack

Lesson 3a: Three Nagado Solos – soundtrack with script

Lesson 3b: Three Nagado Solos – demonstrated, with soundtrack

Lesson 4a: Shime Feature – soundtrack with script

Lesson 4b: Shime Feature – demonstrated, with soundtrack

Lesson 5a: Whole Song, with “stage ending” – soundtrack with script

Lesson 5b: Whole Song – demonstrated, with soundtrack

In Case You Are Wondering…

Melius Una is Latin. It’s a song for the Euro Taiko Expo, so it seemed appropriate to give it a name in a European language. OK, so the Romans didn’t ever conquer Germany, Denmark, Sweden or a few other European countries, but at least Latin isn’t English!!

Questions can be sent direct to Jonathan: