Shadow Warrior


On Saturday 4th January 2020, Kagemusha Taiko presented an exciting new show, at the Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre. A short video trailer for the show can be found here.
Further videos (live and studio) are shared below, with details of the audio album at the bottom of the page.

Taiko is drum theatre. Using taiko, Kagemusha Taiko create moods, explore the tension between space and time, and tell stories. ‘Shadow Warrior‘ is the English translation of the Japanese ‘Kagemusha’ and under the artistic direction of Jonathan Kirby, this show is about Western European myths, legends and magick.

“Last Rite” (not to be confused with the Roman Catholic “last rites”) was the finale of the Shadow Warrior concert . In this performance, Jonathan, Tim and Oliver Kirby were joined by the other members of Kagemusha Taiko Group, along with original group member, Kordian Tetkov, on gongs and percussion.
No speaker system can handle the awesome power of taiko drums played live, especially not when augmented by bass guitar, keyboards, percussion and vocals. But try pushing your speakers to their maximum when you listen to this!


Incorporating bass guitar and vocals, the second half of the show represents a departure from conventional taiko drumming, including guest artist Tim Kirby who is currently leading Bristol-based band Brutal Wounds. Brothers Jonathan and Tim were once known as Diatribe (John Peel favourites, back in the day) The Diatribe session for BBC Radio One can be found here.
Jonathan and Tim were joined by Oliver Kirby for this part of the show, for songs such as “The Age of Miracles” They were also joined by Kordian Tetkov (gongs, percussion and taiko) and by the whole of Kagemusha Taiko Group for the finale.



Shadow Warrior

The Shadow Warrior group (Tim, Jonathan, Oliver) recorded a series of performances in the studio prior to the show. Three of them are presented here:
DEATH POEM (bottom)


The album, “Songs To Sing Before We Die” is available on SPOTIFY:

  1. Drums of the Gods
  2. Hymn to the Moon
  3. Between the Worlds
  4. The Age of Miracles
  5. Death Poem
  6. Last Rite