2nd ETC 2017

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Isabel Romeo Biedma
Nora Emri
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2nd European Taiko Conference

9-12th February 2017, Devon, England

Organised and Hosted by Kagemusha Taiko

Sponsored by kaDON / Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten

102 taiko players from 49 taiko groups and organisations were represented at ETC2 and participants came from 12 countries, including the USA and Japan. 59% of participants had attended the inaugural ETC in 2016.

Principal workshop leaders were:

  • Eiichi Saito and Eri Uchida
  • Mark H Rooney
  • Karen Young
  • Tiffany Tamaribuchi
  • Shoji Kameda

Moderated Discussion Sessions included:

  • How do you recruit to your taiko group / organisation?
  • Tell us about your taiko group: Taiko Hungary, Re Mi Taiko, Taiko Zentrum Deutschland
  • The challenges of a taiko gig
  • Where does your taiko repertoire come from?

Tiffany Tamaribuchi
Shoji Kameda
Mark H Rooney
Karen and Tiffany
CCS Taiko

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